Challenge for Roulette Researchers 

Many pieces of research are carry out to define the best roulette strategies,

but all the researchers end up concluding there are no best roulette strategies due to the probability involve in winning or losing.

Many books and content are written to chalk out the best strategies by all experts around; however, it is still a never-ending topic. It is more of an experience game than the strategy involve in particular. 

Wheel games research outcome so far


But it has been proven time and again that hands-on experience and long-term testing are still not enough to make a player win 100 percent.

Many strategies have been introduce to overcome defeat by roulette betting players; however, most of them cost the player leaving bigger disappointment at the player’s end.

The latest research is suggesting the following strategies being the best as an outcome of the experience for roulette players:

  • Fibonacci:
  • Martingale
  • Reverse Martingale
  • James Bond
  • Labouchere
  • D’ Alembert

Let’s look into this one by one to learn about roulette better for best results for a wager in roulette. These are not the best fit yet easy to understand and progressive methods adopted by players worldwide. 


The mathematical sequence of Fibonacci is less risky than other methods. Despite its difficult understanding of strategy, the player is much safer if it strictly sticks to its mathematical sequencing.



Martingale’s strategy is likely to allow the player to win by having patience. It is actually to bet a unit that doubles after every loss.   

If you are playing having $2000 betting limit on the table with a minimum bet of $1, and if you lost 11 times in a row, the pattern would appear as below:


Though 11 times in a row is not likely to happen so often,  you need the patience to earn a $1 profit per successful bet.

Reverse Martingale:

In this scenario, the inverse martingale has been chalked out at its best for outside betters; it gives a chance to double your bet after every relatively safe win. 


It is the most fun gaming methodology. You need to have an amount you need to win and break it down into multiple bets. 

You can order the original sequence, which gives a lot of reliability to your game with more chances. 

D’ Alembert:

D’ Alembert strategy is a very popular one that allows you to bet in flat amounts. 

Heer what you do is to increase or decrease your bet size by one unit, which solely depends upon whether you will win or lose. Its basic plan is to progress slowly, either going up or down. 

You need to have thorough experience in roulette games when it comes to betting. Online betting sites are available to cater to your thirst to have great exposure and plenty of experience before real gaming experience.